"In the Eye: A Collection of Writings" now available for ordering

IntheEye.jpgIn the Eye: A Collection of Writings is now available for ordering.  My poem Purgatory Creek is among the works included in the anthology.  I was happy to contribute to this anthology that is for such a worthy cause; all profits from this anthology go to Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild the areas affected by Katrina and Rita.  More info about the book appears below.

Edited by Katherine Tracy, Foreword by Catharine Savage Brosman, Introduction by Jack B. Bedell, and Cover Image by Kirk Jordan. The elements of Nature are scattered throughout the pages of 48 poems and stories by 36 writers who speak of wonder and devastation, inviting us to experience our own humanity in the beauty and force of Nature.

Thirty-six writers contributed to this project. They share a common ground in that their voices have found their muses in Nature because they understand that Man is indeed part of Nature. The element of water is a constant that runs throughout this anthology, along with Man and other living creatures scattered throughout the pages. Katrina is not the first disaster to cause such devastation. Nor will it be the last, however, Katrina brought much of the Gulf Coast and especially New Orleans to its knees, and to this date, more than a year later, it continues to have lingering, if not lasting effects. Some of these writings emphasize disaster while others remind us of the beauty that we behold in Nature, and some illustrate that precious balance that is so significant to our existence.