Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my new website!  If you're here, then you are probably interested in my writing, so here's a rundown of all that's on this site:

Blog - The blog is the main page here, and will serve as a space for any news and notices about what's going on in my writing career.

Published Works - This is a selection of my poetry and fiction that appears online.  Also, this page provides links to some of the anthologies, books, and literary journals I have appeared in, as well as some of the awards I've won.

My Own Brand of Blues - Information about my first book entitled My Own Brand of Blues, a poetic memoir that is forthcoming through RockWay Press.

Links - Links to other writers that I know or admire, to online writing resources that I use, and to other miscellaneous web sites.

Archive - Everything old will be collected right here, and in the future will be better organized and easier to sift through.

Contact - Feel free to use this form to send me e-mail with any comments, criticism, compliments, or anything else you might want to pass along.

Thank you for stopping by.  Now that I have setup a web presence, I will be adding on to this website and sharing things that are going on in my life and the publishing world as a whole.  Peace...