Latest edition of The Cuivre River Anthology is now out...

CuivreRiver.jpgThe Cuivre River Anthology takes its name from a river that flows through a six-county region in eastern Missouri, a land settled by Germans and French, rich in stories and tradition. This collection reflects the voices of those who live there today, as well as voices from around the country and even abroad. From Lincoln County, Missouri, to Lincolnshire, England, these stories gather us together, bridging the distance. And like the steady, enduring rhythm of the river, these stories travel the places we live and call us home.

My award winning short story, Fighting Instinct, is among the many fine stories and poems that are included in this collection.  Fighting Instinct is a tale that on the surface is about a bar fight and the fallout from it, but underneath makes a subtle commentary about violence, manhood, and being the better man.

The Cuivre River Anthology is a diverse anthology well worth its price.  Click here to order.