Stop Waiting, Start Writing

577063-963314-thumbnail.jpgThe finest writing that I’ve produced comes from me getting sick of waiting.

I sometimes find myself waiting for someone to write a particular type of story, or maybe pen a poem about a certain subject I care deeply about. Or maybe I’m waiting for someone to produce a type of writing that would simply be exciting to me. But while I wait, nobody ever does it. I eventually get sick of waiting, so I get off my butt and write that poem or story myself. That’s how my best work as an author and poet has come about; it’s the point where I stop being content and start becoming creative. I believe that’s what a writer – or singer, artist, photographer, rapper, etc. – should be looking for. An opportunity to do something truly different. If you’re constantly waiting for someone to come up with a certain piece of art or literature that sings to you, and yet you find that nobody does it, then go and figure it out for yourself. Then you are really inspired, and you’ll produce something that is exciting to you, and hopefully in the process something that will be exciting to the world.