HeavyGlow Anthology is now available

heavyglow.bmpA couple of years ago I had a flash fiction piece entitled A Version of Karma that appeared in the online journal HeavyGlow.  It was a dark piece that abstractly described the impacts of a child abuse in a single parent household, and how that abuse manifested itself into a twisted act committed by one brother to another.  I am happy to announce that "A Version of Karma" has been included in HeavyGlow's first print anthology, HeavyGlow Flash Fiction: Two Years Burning Brightly

The anthology is packed full of flash fiction pieces written by contributors of the web magazine, HeavyGlow Journal of Flash Fiction. This book holds an eclectic amalgamate of sadness, death, surrealism, joy and humor. Often lyrical in style, these worlds of 750 words or less will introduce readers to exquisite extremes and leave them wanting more.  Other noted authors who contribued to this great anthology include Anna McDougall and J.D. Riso.  Click here to learn more about the book and/or purchase it - I am confident that you would find this book to be a solid addition to your personal library.