Upcoming publications

Time for some shameless self-promotion. It is what us writers do best. :)

I have some publications coming up that I'll keep you posted on...

  • I will have two poems in the upcoming edition of The Cuivre River Anthology, both of which are award-winners.
  • I will have a couple poems posted online sometime in the next few weeks in the Agit Prop Poetry 101 section of The Guild of Outsider Writers.  These poems are a little more politically charged and aggressive than some of my other work.  OW was founded in February 2007 by five underground authors with a similar drive for outsider writer activism/advocacy.  They have a sweet website featuring some of those underground voices that don't get heard as much because the mainstream literary machine tends to suffocate those who don't fit their prescribed notions of writing.  But I digress...instead of ranting, I'll just provide a link when those poems are up.  Much thanks to Victor Schwartzman for the chance to shine on OW.
  • February 2008 will mark my publication in the uber-cool online lit mag Cherry Bleeds.  They plan on including my poem What the Dealer Didn't Tell You About HeroinCherry Bleeds has published more than 100 authors over the last few years including Charles Anders, Allen Grove, Joshua Samuel Brown, Karl Koweski, Mark Haskell Smith, C. C. Parker and Dan Fante.  They boast on their website that they've been "published with blood since '00."  Thanks to poetry editor Paul Corman Roberts for this opportunity - I have been a reader (off and on) of this edgy online mag for years, so it is nice to have a chance to contribute.

Hope to be back with more news soon.  I'm on the grind right now.  September has been a good month so far, so I hope to keep things rolling at this pace all the way up to November, when I will be taking the NaNoWriMo challenge (writing a novel in one month).  I'll post again soon, until then...be good.