Do Work

dowork400.jpgI have work in the inaugural edition of Imagine, the Arts Ministry Journal of Imago Dei. My poem Conversation with an Atheist appears in this new magazine dedicated to expressing Christianity through the written word, visual arts, and creative arts ministries.

I also have new work – three poems to be exact – in the third edition of MO: Writings from the River. MO: Writings from the River is the journal of the Montana State University - Great Falls Literary Guild, published annually.

I’ll have work later this month in the upcoming first edition of a new online journal, Asphalt Sky. When it is online, I’ll post up a link.  Also in May, I'll have a poem in the online journal Prairie Poetry.

More of my work will appear in Talking Stick later this year.  My poem Minnesota and my micro-fiction piece False Hope have been selected to be part of this Minnesota literary journal.

As far as my goal to write 100 works in 2008, I am right on pace. I count 26 poems, 2 short stories, and 1 ranting piece in various states of disarray. I’ll keep on the grind, I suppose.

Finally, in the coming weeks, I’ll be doing work as a guest blogger (somewhat ironic, considering the erratic pace of the posts I make on my own blog) at Scribes’ Tribe Scribblings ), a unique and helpful writing website/blog that was spawned by a writers’ critique group. I’ll post more a little more about this guest blogging stint tomorrow. Until then, be good…