All We Ask For.

So I fell off the grid for a moment, but I should be back here on a (fairly) consistent basis.I just hit one of those patches of life where other things were a bit more important than blogging.

But not everything has been at a standstill. Although my free time has been at a premium, I’ve still been writing and submitting whenever possible. One particular poem of mine, All We Ask For, has recently garnered a hint of success.

All We Ask For recently won the Fifth Annual Skysaje Enterprises poetry contest! Big sloppy thanks to the judges for choosing my poem for this award and also to Lawrence R. Berger, managing coordinator of Skysaje Enterprises, for this great contest opportunity.  All We Ask For will make its print debut later this year in an anthology titled Working Title Two - I'll post more information when I have it.

I better run and take this opportunity of Saturday morning free time to get some writing and errands done. Be good…