The Prose-Poem Project.

My prose poem Depression will be published in The Prose-Poem Project, an online and print literary journal devoted entirely to the prose poem. I’m excited about this acceptance. This piece is quite different from most of my work to date, so it’s a great feeling to intentionally step out of my comfort zone and compose something that ‘s been deemed worthy enough to be published.

I’ve been gravitating toward writing prose poems lately. For some reason, I’ve found them less constraining and more forgiving when I attempt new things with my writing. This is a departure from my previous mode of operation: although I've written a handful of prose poems, I usually like the border between fiction and verse to not be blurry. So swan diving into the deep end of the prose poem pool is a big step for me.

I’ve written fifteen or so prose poems in the past two months, and Depression was one of those. I am considering trying to put together a manuscript of prose poems as a long term project. Sort of my own personal "prose-poem project." We’ll see if I can overcome my truncated attention span and make it happen.

Be good.