Switched On-Gutenberg

Reporting Live from Portmanteaupia.

A portmanteau is a word formed by the merging of sounds and meanings of two different words. Switched-on-Gutenberg has published my poem dedicated to these faux words - “Reporting Live from Portmanteaupia” – in its Issue 23.

Switched-on Gutenberg: A Global Poetry Journal has been e-publishing the best poetry it can find since 1995. This is the fourth time they’ve published my work, and I definitely appreciate the chance to contribute again…but those who know me know this is all a ploy to get something legitimately published with the word “incognegro” in it…


Switched-on Gutenberg.

Switched-on Gutenberg has announced the release of Issue 17, on the theme Accidental, which is online at http://www.switched-ongutenberg.org.

Poets in this issue include: Christianne Balk, Paul Barclay, Jessica Barksdale, Kate Bernardette Benedict, Larry Blazek, Laura Eklund, Kim Goldberg, Christine Hamm, Louisa Howerow, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Naomi krupitsky, Mercedes Lawry, Sara Lier, Robin Lindley, Katharyn Machan, Kevin Miller, Julie L. Moore, Kathy Nelson, Geoff Pope, Adrian S. Potter, Charles Rammelkamp, Lorraine S Schein, Dave Seter, Emily Severance, Lynne Shapiro, Judith Skillman, Matina Stamatakis, Jeanne Wagner, Florence Weinberger, Mike White, Scott Wiggerman, Deborah Woodard, Melissa Scholes Young, Mary Zeppa, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

My prose poem Accident Prone is in this issue and can be found at http://www.switched-ongutenberg.org/current/Potter.htm.