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Poem on Salamander Cove

First published in The Shine Journal, my Pushcart-nominated poem Tell Me Lies in a Dead Language is now up on the poetry blog Salamander Cove. This is poem touches on the subject of domestic violence and is loosely based on my interactions with a female friend in the past who dealt with this issue.

This is my second engagement on Salamander Cove, and I am happy and honored to have a chance to appear on there again. Take a sec and read Tell Me Lies…, along with all the other fine works on the blog – I guarantee that you can spend several hours reading these poems without feeling like you wasted a single minute.

The Shine Journal Anthology, Volume One

The Shine Journal publishes some of the very best in creative work in the world. This print anthology contains a variety of earlier works representative of the spirit of The Shine Journal.Without the ongoing wonderful words and visually beautiful contributions TSJ would not what it is today. This is the first of many annual anthologies.

Who you will find in this book (in no particular order): Adrian S. Potter, Avis Hickman-Gibb, Boris Glikman, Mary Kennedy Eastham, Tory Brannigan, Amy George, R.S. Pyne, Moana Rawlins, Thomas Healy, Edward D. Nudelman, Elizabeth Stassinos, Arnold Emmanuel, Fionnuala Kearney, Carole Brier, Jim Harrington, Carol Bevan-Bogart, Shelly Wiseberg, Terry McKee, Cheryl Williams, P. Marcille Sibley, Moana Rawlins, Gary Beck, Hugh Aaron, Wayne Scheer, Alison Watt Jackson, Pat St. Pierre, Richard O. Walker, Jr., M.D., Jimetta Carpenter, Jan Green, Ray Succre, Oonah V. Joslin, Ravi Bedi, Rhonda Parrish, Justus Humphrey, John Young, Millicent Jackson, Sandra Anfang, Catherine DiCairano, Suzanne Wargo, Maureen Radoncic, R W Daddario and Peter Schwartz.

My poem Tell Me Lies in a Dead Language appears in The Shine Journal Anthology. 

Props to editor Pamela Tyree Griffin for the work she puts in over at The Shine Journal.