Backup File Blues

204134644.jpgYou'd figure after all the damn term papers I've lost in high school and college, after all the projects I've lost at work when the server crashed, that maybe, just maybe I'd have sense enough to have backup files of all my writing.  Duh.

Yet here I am, mourning the apparent loss of a USB flash drive that all of sudden doesn't work after two years of faithful service.  That leaves me with a LOT of poems and fiction pieces missing.  So a sizeable chunk of my writing career is at a nerdy computer place...and I am hoping the tech-savvy staff there can recover all this work I've lost.  The worst part:  having only myself to blame, really.

Now I'm sitting here making a pledge eerily similar to those "never gonna drink again" promises I've made in the midst of a four-aspirin hangover:  God please, if you help me get through this without any damage, I swear I'll never go more than a week without backing up my files...I swear.