Backup File Blues, Redux

Yep, the computer nerds got back to me this morning.  Murphy's Law still has a strong influence in my life.  The flash drive is completely shot, they weren't able to get anything off of it.  A lesson about computers (re)learned, I guess.  My inner Fred Sanford shouts, "Backup all your files, you big dummy."

It's not nearly as bad as I first thought.  I have copies of most of the poems and stories on my laptop hard drive, just not my most recent edits.  But I have to compile all of these things and organize them and re-edit them to polished final form...all time and energy that could/should be used for writing. 

It being the end of 2007, this is a good time for me to do this task and assess the work I have done and where I am going (or not) as a writer and all that other sentimental reflective bull crap.  Guess that will be my chore for the weekend.  The sooner I start, the quicker I can move on to better things.  Sigh.

In the irony category, the first poem I wrote since the untimely death of my flash drive earlier this week was titled Burn Everything Down and Start Over.  Kinda fitting...

Well, I am hoping for some good news today.  A contest that I entered is allegedly supposed to post the winners list online today.  Fingers crossed, hoping I'll be back later with some positive news to offset this flash drive fiasco.  Two words: cautiously optimistic.