Cautious Optimism Rewarded

The title of this blog post is a derivative of the last line of the post immediately preceding this one.  This subtle use of a transition may form a sense of cohesiveness within a blog, one that I haven't had with my random rant posts lately.

For all my recent nonstop complaining about losing a ton of data, something good has happened to silence my backup file blues.  I just won first place in the Burning the Midnight Oil Poetry Contest with my free verse poem Meditation on Meditation.  I feel dang lucky to have won out against 80 other worthy competitors.  Thanks to the judge(s) of this contest, and to The Write Helper for this cool contest opportunity.

This is what I needed.  I hate to admit that my motivation had fell off a little, knowing that I had to perform the crappy task of digging all over for old copies of all my lost work and re-editing them.  It is funny how something like this can kick me in the rear and ease the mental pain of my flash drive meltdown.  Since there is a load of snow outside, I think I'll spend a sizeable chunk of the day writing and rescuing some of my lost work.  About to get on my grind...