Talking Stick 16

Good news! My poem wedding song just got accepted for the upcoming edition of The Talking Stick, is a ten year old publication of the Jackpine Writers' Bloc. Showcasing some of the best to be found poetry, prose, fiction and creative nonfiction, The Talking Stick is an honest glimpse into the eyes of writers. Proud to be written and entirely produced by writers and artists of Minnesota, The Talking Stick is a northern treasure. I've been blessed to be part of three of the last four editions, and I'm happy to have a chance to contribute again.  Big thanks to the editor of this publication, Sharon Harris, for appreciating my writing yet again.

There was a time when it seemed every magazine wanted an Adrian S. Potter poem or short story. I rarely got rejected. And then there was a period when it felt all I was getting was rejected. I much prefer the yeses.  Hopefully, I've turned a corner and will be getting a lot more positive feedback.