Rejection Notice Blues

577063-963319-thumbnail.jpgBeing a writer, you get accustomed to rejection.  Seriously.  I estimate on average that I get at least 20-25 rejection notices before I get a contest win or accepted to a publication.  But you get pretty thick skinned and you never take it personally.  I'm really not the one to complain about getting rejected.  But when an editor sends me a rejection notice addressed to "Adam"...well I start to second guess if they carefully they read my work and cover letter.  Seriously, how the hell does Adam = Adrian?  I just can't figure that equation out.  Oh well, I'll do what I always do, dust myself off and keep writing and submitting.  I'm putting the finishing touches on a new poetry manuscript I plan on sending out to a couple of contests, so I'll be busy with that this weekend.  I'll post up here again soon...just had to get that bit of frustration off my chest.


Adam S. Potter