National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, which presents a great opportunity to infuse your poetry writing and reading activities with new energy. In case any of you might be wanting to do that, I present the following sources for poetic inspiration:

National Poetry Month Homepage:

2018 Poetic Asides PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge:

30 Days, 30 Poems Challenge:

10 New Poetry Collections to Read During National Poetry Month:

NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month):

30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month:

Poetry Super Highway Prompt-A-Day for National Poetry Month: (check the tab for "special projects" and then "a poetry writing prompt a day" to locate the prompts and other info)

Good luck and positive vibes as you celebrate National Poetry Month!

What to Look For…

There’s no shortage of lists or newsletters available to writers. Some of them are invaluable resources that authors will go back to time and time again, while others aren’t quite as useful. So how does one decide which of these resources are worthy of attention? In this insightful article on the Malahat Review’s website, Erika Dreifus provides some personal guidelines she uses to better understand what makes some these offerings better than others.


30 Non-Fiction Books a Well-Rounded Person Should Read

Bookmarked for future use: Paul Nowak from Iris Reading has compiled a great list of 30 Non-Fiction Books a Well-Rounded Person Should Read.

As a person who devours reading material, I sometimes wonder if there are books I’ve missed that can help in my never-ending quest to become better-rounded. At a glance, this list can be a great place to start. I was happy to see I’ve already read some of these. I see the value in spending some time with the others and maybe even revisiting ones that I studied previously. Happy reading!