Must Read Books that Have Made the Largest Impact

Photo by  Glen Noble  on  Unsplash

Photo by Glen Noble on Unsplash

The right words ignite a spark for change. They lead movements, challenge societal norms, and question authority. And when a writer decides to pen their stimulating thoughts onto paper, people read them over and over. Their books spread throughout the world, inspiring people to take new paths and introducing them to their unique perspective.

The books that have made the largest impact throughout history date back to the early ages of 1000 C.E. up to the dynamic modern era of the early 2000s. And people still flip through their pages, craving to absorb the timeless knowledge from each writer.  

There are religious texts, like the Torah, the Quran and the Bible, then there are philosophical and political musings like The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. Millions of people flock to grab a copy and align it with their values. Other books marked important steps towards international human rights, like Thomas Paine’s work of The Rights of Man.

Of course, the above mentioned are only a small sampling. Largest assembled this list of 25 powerful and influential books, so you can explore a host of other masterpieces that people still read today through their list.

Develop Your New Reading List!

It’s getting toward the end of 2017. December is an awesome time for readers – it’s late enough in the year that all of the “best books of the year” lists start to roll in. I use this time to scan through those lists for books I might find interesting. Then I compile a catalog of books to read in the next year.

Hands down the best list is from Largehearted Boy (David Gutowski). Annually he aggregates all the online year-end book lists and places them in a single post on his blog. As new lists appear, he adds them to this master list, updating it daily.

Add a little energy to your upcoming New Year’s Resolution to read more – survey these lists and develop your own personal list of new books to check out in 2018.


100 Books a Year? You Can Do It!


I was proud that I’ve read 25 books so far this year. That was until I read Srinivas Rao’s article “How to Read 100 Books a Year.” Now I feel like an underachiever.

But seriously, this article does contain some solid strategies on how to hit the lofty goal of devouring 100 books in a year…and consequently reap the benefits of becoming a more interested, cultured person. For me, reading the work of others is key to me making strides in my own writing practice, so I will be employing these suggestions to step my reading game up in the future.

Cult (Books) of Personality.

Cult books, as with films that are considered cult favorites, often contain elements of the extreme, bizarre, or subversive--their power to inspire and persuade seemingly just on the edge of propriety. That is why I thought it would be great to share this awesome top-fifty list of cult books. These books are great to put into your personal reading queue, and I bet some will spark some original ideas for your own writing. Happy reading!

30 Non-Fiction Books a Well-Rounded Person Should Read

Bookmarked for future use: Paul Nowak from Iris Reading has compiled a great list of 30 Non-Fiction Books a Well-Rounded Person Should Read.

As a person who devours reading material, I sometimes wonder if there are books I’ve missed that can help in my never-ending quest to become better-rounded. At a glance, this list can be a great place to start. I was happy to see I’ve already read some of these. I see the value in spending some time with the others and maybe even revisiting ones that I studied previously. Happy reading!

Spark: Getting Started on Your 2015 Reading List?

Maybe reading more is one of your new year’s resolutions.

If so, you should check out the link to Book Riot below. Liberty Hardy's "A Great Big Guide To 2014's Must-Read Books from Indie Presses" could jumpstart your personal 2015 reading list with some hidden gems.

Secondhand spark: from a writing standpoint, the article also links to some impressive indie presses, some of which may be open to manuscript submissions.

The Poetics Noire, Volume I

The Poetics Noire is the result of an intimate relationship between art and words. It is the direct descendant of passion, struggle, and triumph. Coming at a time when people are hurting more than ever and asking, "how far have we actually come?" This book is about the reclamation of life at its purest form. To some it may just be a culmination of pages but to us, this project is the joining of experiences documented for the masses. The opportunity to transcend race, creed, sex, or any other division placed on us by society is readily available within every line. Welcome to Volume I.

Proud to say I am a member of "The Poetics Noire Family." My poem Survival Tactics appears in this anthology.

Props to sister Britany Elise Rickett for having the drive and vision to see this project through from inspiration to publication. Impressive.