poetics noire

The Poetics Noire, Volume I

The Poetics Noire is the result of an intimate relationship between art and words. It is the direct descendant of passion, struggle, and triumph. Coming at a time when people are hurting more than ever and asking, "how far have we actually come?" This book is about the reclamation of life at its purest form. To some it may just be a culmination of pages but to us, this project is the joining of experiences documented for the masses. The opportunity to transcend race, creed, sex, or any other division placed on us by society is readily available within every line. Welcome to Volume I. 




Proud to say I am a member of "The Poetics Noire Family." My poem Survival Tactics appears in this anthology.

Props to sister Britany Elise Rickett for having the drive and vision to see this project through from inspiration to publication. Impressive.